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While most many people are aware of the involvement of The Air Museum Planes of Fame's B-25 "Photo Fanny" in the new Disney film "Pearl Harbor", they may not realize the scope of her Hollywood career. She has worked both in front of and behind the cameras in movies, television and commercials.

Built as B-25J-25-NC #44-30423, the plane was delivered directly to storage at Laurel, MS. In 1946 it was modified to a TB-25J at Kelly Field, TX and then assigned to Dayton, OH for a flight test project. She was redesignated as an EB-25J in 1949. In 1950 the aircraft went to Griffiss AFB and then to Hanscom AFB in 1952. Another designation change occurred in 1956 when she was assigned to Inglewood, CA as a JB-25J for use in a program by the NAA. In 1957 the designation was once again TB-25J and remained such when the plane was put in storage in 1958 at Davis-Motham AFB. Sold as surplus in July of 1959 she was eventually donated to The Air Museum in 1973.

"Fanny" began her film career in 1977 when she was used in the TV series "Baa Baa Black Sheep" It was also in that year that she was first used as a camera ship to film a Western Airlines 247 on a flight between Los Angeles and Salt Lake City. Since that time she has been used on camera in such films as "Always, "Forever Young", "1941" and most recently "Pearl Harbor". Her TV credits include "Simon and Simon", "Highway to Heaven" and several commercials.

"Photo Fanny" has been modified to act as what many describe as the perfect aerial camera platform. These modifications include the bubble dome where the top turret was located, camera mounts, portable video screens which can be mounted to monitor what is being shot and the camera nose which can be mounted to replace the original greenhouse nose when needed. This latter was designed by Museum President Steve Hinton. Fanny's camera credits include "Con Air", "Turbulence", "Air Force One", "Drop Zone", Executive Decision" and "Forever Young". The next time you see a B-25 on screen take a close look as it may be Planes of Fame's resident star "Photo Fanny".


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