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In November 1941 Northrop was awarded a contract for the development and construction of the XB-35 long-range bomber. This aircraft, a true flying wing design, was to have a wingspan of 172 ft and be capable of carrying a bomb-load of over 52,000 lbs with a range of 7500 miles. In conjunction with this program, a contract was also awarded for the construction of four operational design models. These 1/3 scale models, designated N9M, were to act as flying test beds and also serve to familiarize Air Force pilots with all-wing operations. The N9MB, which is the sole survivor of the original XB-35/YB-49 long-range bomber program, was restored by an all-volunteer group at The Air Museum Planes of Fame in Chino, CA in a project that took over 13 years to complete. (For more details on the restoration please see The N9MB Flying Wing Article.)



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