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Nieuport 28

This Nieuport, flown by Chuck Wentworth of Antique Aero and owned by C. C. Air Corp., carries the same markings as the plane flown by Wentworth's great uncle John Wentworth who served with the 94th Aero Squadron in France in 1918. With its engine sputtering and spitting out streams of castor oil this aircraft is a pure delight to watch. The plane has no throttle and once she starts, the Gnome rotary engine runs on full all the time. The only way to control the plane's speed is to turn individual or groups of cylinders on and off, hence the sputtering sound. Also, there is no oil pan to recirculate the oil; it just goes into the engine, circulates, and is sprayed out into the air. One can only imagine the effects on pilots after inhaling a mist of pure castor oil for an hour! Luckily, the plane only holds 18 gallons of fuel and burns 20 gallons per hour, automatically limiting the time of exposure for the pilot.

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