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A rare fully restored Messerschmitt Bf.109e4 made its first flights in October 1999 at the Chino (CA) Airport after completing a rebuild here in the U.S., as well as in England and Russia. The e-series of the Bf.109 was the first large scale production variant with deliveries of the e4 beginning in the summer of 1940. The aircraft's identity is well documented as the restorers have found several stampings and the data plate showing the airplane to be Werke Nummer 3579. Also, evidence from German wartime documents record that the famous pilot Hans Joachim Marseille was flying this aircraft with I Gruppe / Lehrgeschwader 2 when it was forced down at Calais-Marck on 2nd September 1940 (Battle of Britain). The aircraft was 50% damaged. It was repaired and returned to service, but was later shot down over Russia near St. Petersburg. It was recovered a few years ago and a full restoration to flying condition was begun. This includes WWII instrumentation and a restored DB601 engine.

The White 14 Balkenkreuz, white cross on black disc, 71/02/65 with 04 tactical markings, and light mottled sides paint scheme is based on photos of this aircraft during the Battle of Britain and the colors were carefully researched and applied including the surface finish.  The restoration was undertaken for new owner David Price.


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